ISSF And African Countries Promote Sustainable Tuna Fisheries
ISSF and African countries promote sustainable tuna fisheries
The Ministerial Conference on Fisheries Cooperation Among African States Bordering the Atlantic Ocean (ATLAFCO), also known as COMHAFAT, and ISSF have officially developed a working relationship based on the shared goal of promoting sustainability in tuna fishing. ATLAFCO advocates to promote ecologically healthy and productive ecosystems of tuna populations off of the West African Coast.

“The organization’s local knowledge and expertise stands to strengthen ISSF’s capabilities around West Africa,??? said ISSF President, Susan Jackson. “As leaders in the region when it comes to tuna fisheries, we look forward to working with them in an official capacity.???

“With this agreement, ATLAFCO joins a partner committed to the long term sustainability of global fisheries to increase efficiency and promote practices of responsible and sustainable fishing in waters of its Member States,??? said Abdelouahed Benabbou, ATLAFCO Executive Secretary.

The partnership will include:

Promoting responsible fisheries principles and best practices for tuna fisheries.
The collection and reporting of total tuna catch and Fish Aggregation Device (FAD) data to national agencies and ICCAT.
Improving Monitoring, Control and Surveillance mechanisms in tuna fisheries, including electronic monitoring and regional observer programmes.
Enhancing transparency, accountability and consistency in licensing and chartering arrangements.
Strengthening the capacity of ATLAFCO members on fisheries science and management of tuna resources.

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