REFMA - Grouping of African Maritime Training Institutions
The mission of the Grouping of African Maritime Training Institutions (REFMA), is to promote and organize the collaboration between the African maritime training institutions, as well as between the organizations working in the field of marine fisheries training and sea fisheries navigation.

REFMA has two categories of members: titular and associate. The titular members are establishments located in a member country of the Ministerial Conference on Fisheries Cooperation among African States bordering the Atlantic Ocean and who have a responsibility for initial or continuous training in marine fisheries and / or fisheries navigation.

The titular members exercise their right to vote at meetings of the General Assembly through the directors of maritime training establishments or by appointing, in case of impediment, a person duly mandated for this purpose. Only persons representing full members may hold elective trust.

Associate members are other Member States of the Ministerial Conference that do not have fisheries training institutions and are represented by persons in charge of training or management of human resources in their fisheries departments. They participate in meetings and debates of the General Assembly, but do not have the right to vote. They may, in addition, be invited to participate in other instances of the Grouping and serve as observers

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