RAFISMER - African Network of Fisheries and Marine Sciences Research Institutes
The Network of Institutes of Fisheries Research and Marine Sciences (RAFISMER) was created in February 2003. The origin of its creation dates back to the 5th session of the Ministerial Conference on Fisheries Cooperation among African States bordering the Atlantic Ocean (COMHAFAT), held in Libreville in October 2001, during which Ministers expressed their will to base fisheries management and policies on reliable and credible scientific backings. They translated this desire by recommending the establishment of a network grouping the Fisheries Research Institutions and Marine Sciences of the West-Africa Region.
As such, and through a network of fisheries research centers and institutes, it aims to implement a policy for the sustainable management and administration of fisheries resources in African countries bordering the Atlantic Ocean.
-1st General Assembly of the African Network of Fisheries Research Institutes and Marine Sciences (RAFISMER)

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  Statut Du Réseau Africain Des Instituts De Recherche Halieutique Et Des Sciences De La Mer (RAFISMER)