RAFEP - African Network of Women in Fisheries

Created at the initiative of
ATLAFCO during the 8th session of the Conference of Ministers in Accra (Ghana)
in February 2010, the African Network of Women in Fisheries (RAFEP) was
established on December 8, 2010 on the occasion of the Constitutive General Assembly
of the Network.

The network aims to:

  • Contribute to the promotion of the
    participation of women in the sustainable development of fisheries and the
    economic and social development of ATLAFCO Member

  • Contribute to the strengthening of the organizational,
    professional and entrepreneurial capacities of women involved in the
    fisheries sector in ATLAFCO Member States, with a view to improving their
    political and economic powers;

  • Contribute to a better valorization of
    fishery products;

  • Promote the marketing of fishery products
    at the national, sub-regional, regional and international levels;

  • Facilitate the conditions of access to
    credits for the financing of women's activities;

  • Promote the social security of women in
 + Leadership and Organizational Capacity Training for
RAFEP Members
21-23 March 2016
 +Workshop on: "Principles of hygiene and
quality applied to the artisanal processing of fish products for better access
to the market"
25-27 March 2016

       Documents to download
  Statut of the African Network of Women in Fisheries (RAFEP)